Ethereal Attractors
ming | playgrd presents 
While modelling the weather, Edward Lorenz formulated a set of equations and visualized it in the 3-dimensional space. The computer drew a fascinating curve with overlapping spirals that resembled the wings of a butterfly. These lines never intersected but looped infinitely in interesting patterns. This was the Lorenz attractor. It is by no means the only set of equations that could give rise to such wondrous patterns. There are others, and they are known collectively as strange attractors. These equations describe a dynamic system, which is at once chaotic and ordered.
In this collection, we present:
50 ethereal strange attractors generated in code, sold in 1/11 editions
Each of these pieces is a programmatically generated video loop of the strange attractors with different energy levels, based on different artistically chosen equations, frequencies and coefficients.
The 50 gifs below are lower resolution previews of the high resolution videos. A preview of the video that will be sold as the NFT can be viewed at the bottom of the page.