Gary Ang Ming Illustrator
Education and work: Engineering, quantitative finance, capital policy-making and model risk audit in finance. Taught data science, visualization, web development. Currently on a PhD (in Computer Science) journey. More on my professional background here.
Interests: Art and code. Machine and deep learning research. More details on my research can be found here.

I started illustrating due to my interest in capturing spaces. Spaces, especially forgotten ones, intrigue me. Whenever I see an empty space, I find myself wondering about the lives that have touched the space, or could have. Most of my illustrations try to capture such memories, real and imagined.
I am also perpetually curious about math, code, visual and generative art, and anything at the intersection of these areas. As I delve deeper into my various fields of interests - art, math and deep learning, I've become more and more fascinated at how these fields share common underlying themes, such as randomness and order. These are areas that I have been trying to explore.
I have worked with Tatler, Wallpaper, Jetstar Asia, Esplanade, MND, EDB. My work has been featured in Singaplural 2016 Recognition Showcase, Behance Illustration Showcase, Affordable Art Fair Charity Wall. I have also worked on a series of Mr Kiasu books from 2017-2019.
My PhD research focuses on artificial intelligence and deep learning, specifically deep learning models for dynamic multimodal networks. More details on my research can be found here.
I write about a wide range of quantitative stuff at my blog, which can be accessed here.

I am familiar with the following tools, languages, frameworks, libraries: Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio, Tableau, Power BI, Python, Matlab, R, Numpy, Pandas, Scikit, Pytorch, Javascript, HTML, CSS, d3.js, p5.js, three.js