Hi! I'm Ming, or Gary Ang. I draw, create visualisations, and code.

Currently, my main obsession is research on deep learning on dynamic multimodal networks.

My education has been pretty technical. Engineering, quantitative finance, and am currently on a PhD journey. But, I've always had an affinity for art.

Spaces, especially forgotten ones, intrigue me. Whenever I see an empty space, I find myself wondering about the lives that have touched the space, or could have. Most of my illustrations try to capture such memories, real and imagined.





//Photoshop, Illustrator, Clip Studio

//Python, Matlab, R

//Numpy, Pandas, Scikit, Pytorch, Tensorflow, keras

//Javascript, HTML, CSS

//D3.js, p5.js, three.js



I am also perpetually curious about visual and generative art, and anything at the intersection of these areas. As I delve deeper into my various fields of interests, I've become more and more fascinated at how the fields of deep learning, quantitative finance, data science and art share common underlying themes, such as randomness amidst order, order amidst randomness. These are areas that I have been trying to explore in my creations (whether art, research or musings).



My PhD research focuses on deep learning models that learn dynamic multimodal networks. You can think about this area as deep learning applied to the intersection of time-series and networks/graphs. More details on my research here.



//Worked with Wallpaper, Jetstar Asia, Esplanade, MND, EDB

//Featured in -

| Singaplural 2016 Recognition Showcase

| Behance Illustration Showcase

| Affordable Art Fair Charity Wall

//Worked on series of Mr Kiasu books from 2017-2019

//Available at -

| Art Loft Asia